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About Us

About Us

We specialize in saving energy for our customers by offering solutions to their growing need to save money on their heating bills.

Nodine's Heating

Nodine's Heating is a family owned and operated business serving Central New York since 2000. The co-owners, Randy and Brian Nodine, make it their mission to offer the best service and equipment at a fair price.

Our services include sales, installation, preventative maintenance, and repairs in both residential and commercial settings. We offer geothermal, oil, propane, and natural gas solutions.

Our technicians are trained to take good care of your comfort needs, but also to make you comfortable with having them in your home. Establishing a long-term trusting relationship with our customers is the best measure of our success.

Our attention to detail when choosing equipment lines is a large part of what has helped us succeed. We don't currently offer a 2nd line of anything. We don't want to offer our customers something we wouldn't install in our own house. We have any product line we want available to us, but we choose to sell the best.

Why Nodine's Heating?

Save Money

Alternative Energy Systems:
We offer our customers energy saving alternatives to the conventional fuel systems that are costing a fortune in energy bills.


Air Flow Problems:
With our experience, we can assess your ductwork and create a plan to restore balance and solve your comfort problems.

Air Quality

Air Quality:
If you have allergies or humidity problems in your home, we can help with many options of air quality products from Honeywell, AprilAir, and Trane.

Save Money

Comfort Zoning:
We can zone your forced air or hydronic system to give you more Heat/A.C. in the rooms you use the most, saving you a bundle on energy by only conditioning to your needs.


Comprehensive Service:
When our technicians are called in for maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment, you're not going to get a "quick cleaning" from our guys. We have a list of specific checks that are done every time we service your unit.

Tune Up

Efficiency Problems:
Our trained technicians will fine tune your heating and cooling equipment and make sure it is performing at its maximum efficiency. If you need to make changes to save money on your energy bills we can make recommendations to accommodate your budget.

Our team has a wide variety of experiences in home services and comfort. We are confident that our knowledgeable staff can handle any comfort problem you may have with courtesy and professionalism.


Geothermal Systems
If you're thinking of replacing that old furnace and central air conditioner, dissatisfied with the comfort level of your home, or interested in making improvements in the efficiency of your home, you might consider a geothermal system. Geothermal can make you comfortable all year without leaving a huge carbon footprint or spending a fortune in monthly energy bills. Geothermal Heating and Cooling is a very practical source of energy available for your home. New construction or retro-fit, geothermal will save you money and may one of the best investments you could make in your home. Ask a professional at Nodine's about a new geothermal home comfort system.

Geothermal Unit

The Basics of Geothermal
When you think of heating your home from the ground where the temperature is a constant 50-55°F you might say, "I want MY home a whole lot warmer than that!" What everyone needs to understand about geothermal is that we are using science to move the heat, not necessarily to create it. The heat (or cold in summer) is transferred from the ground to the ground heat exchanger. From the ground heat exchanger we pump the heat transfer solution through the geothermal unit. The geothermal unit, through the use of o-zone safe refrigerant, converts it to usable heat in your home. The cold from your home is left in the ground to be removed when you are cooling, or simply warmed up by the hot summer sun all summer. Your lawn is a giant thermal storage device. The ground stores a great deal of heat late into winter allowing us to use it to heat your home. People heat their homes to any temperature they like using a geothermal unit alone. Back-up sources are recommended but not necessary with the latest in 2-capacity equipment that is available.

Do I have to have forced air? What if I have a boiler?
Modern geothermal equipment is available to replace forced air systems and for water systems, though some additional piping might be necessary.

My furnace is in good shape, I just don't like paying all that money for fuel!
A geothermal split system might be just what the Geo-doctor ordered. It is an add-on coil and can take the place of your central air-conditioner.

Want to learn more about geothermal systems?
Visit our Geothermal page to see a geothermal installation. Contact us to find out more about the geothermal solutions that we have to offer.

Boiler Systems
When our estimators go in to quote a replacement boiler they take into account all components in the system that could need to be replaced. If it has been changed recently we consider leaving it in operation. If there is a chance you will need to replace it in the near future we include it in our quote. We see to it the job is done professionally as we would like to see it in our own home. This sometimes puts us a little above the competition in price but far above the competition in customer satisfaction with the quality work we do.

Boiler Unit

Light Commercial, New Construction
95% efficient Condensing L. P. Boilers, twinned for lead and lag operation

Boiler Unit

Commercial Radiant Zone-pumping System
The pumps in this photo combined with the boilers pictured above heat a 13,000 sq. ft. facility using in-floor radiant technology

Boiler Unit

Mid-size Commercial Boiler Replacement

Want to learn more about boiler systems?
Contact us today to find out more about the boiler system solutions that we have to offer. To learn more about Buderus' Boiler products, visit their website (http://www.buderus.net).

Oil Heat Systems
Oil remains to be a major source for home heating in the northeast. Contrary to what the L.P. gas industry would like you to think, your not always going to save money when you switch. Many factors become part of the decision. Simply looking at the AFUE of the furnace will not give you the truth. Though prices continue to rise there are many options for oil that can save you a small fortune on next seasons energy bills. We specialize in helping our customers by offering solutions to their growing need to save money on their heating bills. A premium oil furnace from Thermo Pride can bring to the table options you may be unaware of in an oil furnace. If the premium unit is not in your budget, we can still offer you their standard product line for quality that is unparalleled in the industry.

Thermo Pride Oil Furnace

Thermo Pride OH-6 Oil Furnace
Comes single stage, single stage ECM, or two-stage burner ECM

Want to learn more about oil heat systems?
Contact us today to find out more about the oil heating solutions that we have to offer. To learn more about Thermo Pride's Oil Heat products, visit their website (http://www.thermopride.com).

High Efficiency Gas Heat Systems
When we start talking about gas furnaces, words come up like “modulating”, “2-stage variable speed”, and “communicating control system”. It seems options are limitless when it comes to buying a gas furnace. At Nodine's we take pride in offering the best equipment available. We offer two premium lines in gas products. Whether it's natural or propane gas you have supplied to your home, a Nodine's Professional can help you understand what each option means and why you may choose these features. We can help you figure out where in the scale of features the requirements of your home might fit and help design a solution that fits your investment potential.

Trane Gas Furnace
Trane Heat Pump

Trane Hybrid System
Trane gas furnace accompanied by a Trane heat pump set to changeover at the optimum temperature and saving this happy customer a bundle of money on their propane bill.

Want to learn more about gas heat systems?
Contact us today to find out more about the high efficiency gas heating solutions that we have to offer.

Geothermal Installation


Buderus Logo

Hydronic Heating Systems and Radiant Heat from Buderus
Buderus boilers are designed to deliver high levels of energy efficiency, reliable heating, and a long product life. All Buderus products undergo rigorous quality tests to ensure total safety, durability, and outstanding performance year after year.

Buderus Products

Buderus is a leader when it comes to manufacturing products that are energy efficient, user friendly, and environmentally sound. With nearly 275 years of history, Buderus heating systems provide more consistent, more comfortable heat using far less fuel than conventional high-temperature systems. Buderus knows it is important to keep costs as low as possible yet still maintain high efficiencies, low emissions, and exceptional performance.

Want to learn more about Buderus?
Visit the Buderus website (http://www.buderus.us). You'll be convinced Buderus is the right boiler for your comfort needs.

Hydron Module Logo

Geothermal products from Hydron Module
Hydron Module is proud to provide highly efficient, reliable and quiet operating, year-round comfort solutions for your home or business.

Hydron Module Products

The Hydron Module brand is founded on the basic principle of quality craftsmanship Hydron Module units are assembled in the heart of America using the most stringent quality control systems. Along with unmatched quality, Hydron Module systems also offer a host of standard features that make them second-to-none in the industry. Hydron Module geothermal systems demonstrate integrity by carrying the industry's best warranty.

Want to learn more about Hydron Module and Geothermal?
Visit the Hydron Module website (http://www.hydronmodule.com). Check out our Solutions and Geothermal pages to learn more about Geothermal.

Thermo Pride Logo

Thermo Pride builds oil furnaces with old quality and modern technology
Thermo Pride brand stands for handcrafted products and hometown values: comfort, reliability, durability, quiet operation, and high efficiency.

Thermo Pride Products

Thermo Pride units are designed and built better to last longer. Simple things like a pre-cast hard chamber, one of a kind heat-exchanger, and hand-welded cabinet will tell you they achieve the definition of a quality furnace.

Want to learn more about Thermo Pride?
Visit the Thermo Pride website (http://www.thermopride.com) to learn more.

Trane Logo

It's Hard To Stop A Trane®
As an industry leader, Trane is constantly developing new technology in heating, air conditioning, and home comfort products such as the CLEAN-EFFECTS air cleaner. Their commitment to leadership and innovation agrees with our commitment to quality.

Trane Products

Trane offers a broad range of energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. We offer:

  • Trane air conditioning systems
  • Trane hybrid heat pump systems
  • Trane gas furnaces
  • Trane Geothermal systems

Want to learn more about Trane?
Visit the Trane website (http://www.trane.com) to learn more.



Hear what our customers are saying...


Nodine's Heating Inc. installed a new Trane unit in our home and we couldn't be happier. We have saved a lot of money on our home heating costs and it is so easy to use. The unit is very quiet and is a smooth running system. We are very impressed with the quality of work and would recommend Nodine's Heating to anyone interested.
Amy & Carl - Martville, NY

Nodine's treat you like family. I have total trust in their honest, professional opinion and the cost of their work. We call them and they respond quickly to our problems. We are happy with their services.
Patricia & Gary Ryan - Cato NY


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