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Here we see the excavation crew removing the surface material to be re-used after backfilling.
The first section of the 8ft pit excavation is complete.
Nodine's heating installers are at work with a section of the ground heat exchanger piping. The excavation was done in three parts for this particular project to make the most efficient use of our excavation team.
Once the heat exchanger tubing has been laid, a Nodine's installer observes the process of covering the pipe with parent material. We take pains to ensure the pipe is buried safely and that no large rocks are near the buried piping.
After we are certain the piping is covered safely the excavator can go to work burying the piping completely.
Here you can see we left the edge pipe exposed to know where to continue digging for the next section. Once the entire ground heat exchanger has been covered in three feet of soil, the dozer can make quick work of the final backfill.
With the GHEX safely covered under 8 feet of soil, the Nodine's Heating install team can go to work on the duct system and equipment installation inside.

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